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Julian Tyus's primary practices are in drawing, relief painting, and sculpture, where these intersectional practices unearth an embedded African American existence and reimagine the present through the primary lens of archeological discovery

Tyus utilizes the process of excavation in his works. Most of his work adopt an archaic aesthetic combined with a geological enhancements to foster a grit element. Dominant colors and representative images replicate methods of Paleolithic cave drawings and graffiti grit. The concept of time is depicted through objects that allude to a post-contemporary or apocalyptic era, and those objects serve as an excavations remnants 


The mediation between material and a natural aesthetic work together to demonstrate time as both inherently resembling the present but also the physical manifestations of a "contemporary yesterday"


Conveying crude imagery through the use of a painterly weathering process, Tyus infuses brutality of nature, crudeness objects through the decay of time, and the element of nature’s beauty in the midst of time, the era of paleo-sýnchronos 

"Amongst the rebel, truth is interwoven in fable and faith. It is the mediated state where imagination honor the historical past "

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